Sunday, March 28, 2010

And the winner is......? Me!!!!!

Kate from The Whittaker's Miniatures,
had this fabulous mirror for a giveaway, and I was
a lucky one to win, one of these fantastic mirrors!

And as if that was not enough, she also put a lot of other
fantastic mini's in, to play with!
Thank you Kate, I know just a perfect project to use them!

Yesterday, I went to the Arnhem show with Sylvia!
It is always fun when we are together and we have had a
fantastic day. Sylvia, always finds a way to surprise me...
she made me a fabulous teapot!

We also met Sylvia from Sylvia's Lutjeboudel
she is such a sweet woman and we have had a nice
talk! Sylvia sells wonderful kits, klik on her name and
go over to visit her site and to see it your self!

She gave us this wonderful kit to make this lantern!
Thank you Sylvia!

We also met some friends from the Dutch PoppenhuisKladblog,
so fun to see some mini friends!

At the show I have seen lots of wonderful mini's, but did
not buy much...this is something I did buy!

A wonderful kettle made by Aat Outkes Miniaturen
I'm very happy with this perfect little real piece of enamel miniature!

There was some other thing we both wanted to buy very much,
but when we went back to the purchase...they were sold out!
I can not say to much about it...Sylvia was not happy at all, because I said to her it could wait...silly me! Now we have to wait for an whole other year!

There are some packages arived also for Easter but...I have
to wait till Easter....I'm so curious!


  1. Moet je nou weer over die kaasschaaf beginnen, ik begin het net te verwerken en alle wonden worden weer opengereten ha, ha
    Liefs Syl

  2. Sabiha how funny I just emailed you to see if your miror arrived yet and then you posted this so I guess that answers me! Glad you like it, I thought the wooden items were good for you to stain or paint and also hope you liked the little picnic basket, you could fill it with goodies! Glad you had a great time at the show too. Love Kate xxx

  3. You are so lucky, how wonderful and what lovely treasures you found. Lucky winner too! Looking forward to seeing how you use these minis.

  4. Congratulations for winning Sabiha!!! The mirrow is so lovely.

  5. Syl, het spijt me zo,haha!

    Dear Kate, I just emailed you...and I'm so silly, I made the picture of the baskets but forgot to place the picture of the baskets, they are so beautiful...I will put it on the blog right away!!!

    Thank you so much for all the beautiful mini's!!!

    Thank you Jean and Meli too, I'm a very happy girl!


  6. What wonderful little treasures! I love them all! Especailly the little teapot and the beauitful mirror!


  7. The mirror is gorgeous and the other beautiful gifts too.
    It is the best way to start with the Easter week, isn't it?
    Un beso

  8. Sounds like you had a wonderful time at the fair Sabiha. I like your little enamel kettle. Thank you for also sharing the links..xx

  9. Happy to see you again!!!
    Congratlation for your win,the mirror is really lovely and the other minis too.

  10. How wonderful to win the mirror and the other goodies!
    And how great to be able to go to the show with Sylvia! I can't wait to see that little lantern made up.
    THe little kettle is fabulous!
    There really is no end to Sylvia's talent - that little teapot is amazing!

  11. Congratulations sabiha, wonderful gift!! hugs

  12. Lovely gifts Sabiha! That enamel kettle is great, too bad I didn't even see Aat's stall. There is too much I haven't seen this year. And I haven't seen you two either! I think I would have recognized you both from the photos on your blogs. Oh well, maybe next time!

  13. Gefeliciteerd!!!!!!!!

    Tjonge, wat ben jij een bofferd zeg! en het keteltje.....daar zou ik ook voor gevallen zijn!

  14. Prachtige geschenken, de houten spulletjes vindt ik erg mooi en het keteltje van Akke.

  15. So many lovely treasures!

    The hard part about going to a show is that money is run out of so quickly!

    How wonderful you got to meet up with others, too. :)