Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Still trying to improve!



So weird,sometimes you can be so happy with
the results of something you have been doing,
and you think "it really can not be better",but
a few weeks later you think"is this all I could
come up with?" That is exactly what is happening
to the pantry.Now I can see what improvements
can and should be done! First I changed the bakers
rack and now I make look the fence door a little bit
more used.

The next thing I'm going to do is tiling the walls....


  1. Hello. Oh yes it is happening to me all the time;) I love the fence. Did you paint it with acrylic paint?

  2. Hi Christel, Even when the fence is alrady made of black plastic I painted it again black with acrylic paint the first time,now I also painted it with brown acrylic paint and brushed some orange pastel chalk over the paint,this makes it look older and more real!

  3. I think it´s a common thing =)
    But you are so right, it looks so much better now.
    It looks fantastic and it´s a great idea!!!!

  4. oh, how I learn from all of you! Pastel chalk- I would never have thought of it! It is beautiful- very nice job!

  5. Wonderful rusty door! Great idea too!

  6. I agree with Kim, how clever to use some chalk on it:)

  7. Sabiha, it looks fantastic! You did a great job!

  8. I adore the way you have painted looks so old and used....well done, a perfect finish, who would ever think this was once plastic??
    I must thank you for the wonderful comment you left on my last actually bought tears to my eyes....such beautiful words to read....thank you, Linda x

  9. Hello - it has certainly improved, and I
    agree - sometimes you need a little time
    to see what needs to be changed. To me it´s
    a great help to post a picture - then I can
    see things from a distance if you understand
    what I mean..

    /Eva J

  10. It looks great! Very well "aged."

    Did you seal the chalk?

  11. You were so right to make the fence door rusty. Great !

  12. Lol! So true! I guess it's the perfectionist in us that makes us want to keep improving upon our work. The aging job you did on this fence is really wonderful; thanks so much for sharing how you did it1

  13. Without doubts, now rusty and old, the fence looks better!

  14. Hi Sabiha, it was lovely to talk to Mercedes, she a lovely, lovely lady!
    Sadly as yet I have not recieved any mail from you, you said you sent a letter and I have been on the look-out, but not as yet...hopefully soon!
    Regards, Linda

  15. Impressive and attractive posting. I enjoyed it. I think others will like it & find it useful for them. Good luck with your work. ;-)