Monday, November 2, 2009

Jeux de Boules!

Jeux de Boules is a French ball game...I once looked how
some old men played the game and I liked it very much.
Though we had a set to play,I never did and gave this box
away and now I regret this a little bit....

I thought it would be nice to have a new one and I made a
copy of the one I gave away.... The box is made from wood
and the balls are made from real metal.They are resting in
a foam pad with holes to keep them in place.


  1. So nice box with the boulle´s! They look exactly as the real one!


  2. Fantastic Sabiha, they look exactly like a real box of boules!

  3. Heel mooi geworden, Sab!
    Liefs Syl

  4. The painting of the game of boules is great. I had never thought that it could be such an old game. Your miniature boules are perfect.

  5. Gaaf! Nu kun je gaan miniatuur-boulen, misschien is dat wel veel leuker dan 1:1!

    groetjes evelien

  6. My uncle used to play with them and they looked identically as yours.