Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Had some fun,today:)

Just a quick note from me....
Today I took some time to visit some blogs, and actually left some comments:)

Wow,what can I many beautyful miniatures to see, and so much inspiration as well!
Still, my 1:1 life takes over and I really couldn't find no time or inspiration for miniatures,but
what else is new...

I want to thank you for all the inspiration today, because it made me do some miniatures today.
It also made me think about a long lost project I came up with,some years ago.
So I did some research today...if I will start on this project I will tell you later all about it???

For now, I tell you what I did today...I worked on the bathroom in the French house, and
did some work in the bedroom. In the bathroom only the bath needs to be finished  and then
it is done:) In the bedroom only the floor has to be finished...who know... will I get the 2 rooms
done this week???

I will try to show you some pics later...I tried it with my Iphone, but no good results:(((



  1. Good to see you posting again Sabiha. I have missed you. Please keep writing. Can't wait to see the finished French House!

  2. Hi Sab, I am not dreaming, it's truly you :o))
    Don't worry about pics, you'll make them when you'll have time and I know you havve little of it recently. e shall see at the end of March (((^_^))) and we'll have a whole day to chat.
    So happy about it, hugs, Rosanna

  3. heeeey, wat goed :-) Wat een beetje rondkijken al niet kan bewerkstelligen ;-) En fijn om te horen dat je het nog leuk vond om te doen ook....
    Knuf! M.

  4. How lovely:) Looking forward to see what you are up to;)

  5. I'm looking forward to seeing the photos.

  6. Hello Sabiha !
    It's good to see you back in blogland !
    Hope to see very soon your work ;-)

  7. thank you ladies, for your is good to back:) can't promise that it will lost long,but for now I'm having fun.


  8. So good to see you back, Sabiha! Even if it is just for a short time. I love your work so very much and I have missed you.

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