Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jojo Madness....and other new things!

As you all know I am gathering miniatures
for the Provence House to be filled! I am
very thrilled about the idea that I will own a
dollshouse and most of the minies I make
these days will go into that little house....

But, even the house has to be build yet (can not
make up my mind about which doors and windows
to be used, ...sorry Sylvia!) I am palying with
some new ideas for an other new project I maybe
can do beside.... a little old fashioned Toy Store!

( And to think, I am already collecting for 3 million
other projects too...but hey there is still room for
one more...LOL!)

So,...I could not help myself making these
little ones! I think it will look very nice in
a jar on the counter...

They are very small as you can see.

Some while ago I also made these sun dried
tomatoes in a jar......

I also made these gas for the
Provence house and the other one will be
used for one of the other 3 million projects I
have in mind?


  1. There is perhaps one of the 3 million project that may not be able to accomplish?
    All today stuff is amazing, I love tomatoes under glass :-)
    Mini hugs, Flora

  2. Like always your work is perfect and I'm totally in love with the jojo and the jars of tomatoes ! Hugs,Jeannette

  3. 3 million projects sounds like me too ;-) The jojo´s are cute, and I like to preserve things for the winter in big jars too. Lately I made some cucumbers with chili.
    Love, Susanne

  4. Those gas canisters are fantastic! Very realistic!

  5. La cabeza no te para, pero veo que las manos tampoco. Esos yo-yo son fantasticos, igual que las bombonas de gas y los tarritos de tomate estarán estupendos en cualquier despensa. Besos Clara

  6. Alles is weer geweldig, je gastankjes zijn ook super geworden. Je kan wel een kampeerwinkel beginnen, 3 miljoen en 1 projekten dus....

  7. Hoi Sabiha,

    Tjonge, dat wordt dan flink door knutselen om al die projecten te kunnen gaan vullen....LOL.

    Hier een link naar de site van Marmod, ze heeft een Provence huis en ook een speelgoedwinkel!!

    Lieve groetjes, Karin.

  8. Sorry....dit is de juiste link:

  9. holy woman! What do not you know?? always amaze me! ha ha!
    Gas containers are very nice, but jojo is awesome!
    in my blog is my first give away, you want to participate?
    kisses, Caterina

  10. Jojo`s zijn enig! zo`n klein.
    De bekende gasflessen, van supris ei?
    Ben benieuwd naar provence huis van jou.

  11. That yo - yos more mini!!! They are a cuteness like the tarritos for the kitchen!!! I am charmed with your works!!! They are so perfect!! Congratulations!!!. Olga

  12. Those tiny yo-yos are amazing! Love them in that glass jar! Loving the gas tanks, too..... :)

  13. Wow, those sundried tomatoes are wonderful - I had to squint at them to see if they were tiny or 1:1 scale - they are great. You must be really looking forward to the lovely house Sylvia is making for you!!!

  14. Love you creativity Shabia. Everything looks just so cute:) Have a nice weekend.

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  16. Maravilloso todo lo que encanta tu blog.

  17. Great job again! As ever whahha, youre fun Sabiha : )

    I see you have trouble with the Chinese spam as well... they drive me crazy!! How do you lot out there manage that?? I keep deleting them and have decided to authorize the comments i get, but i rather not do that :((

    have a great weekend XD

  18. Sabiha, Your work is wonderful!! I love it all.

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  20. de jojos zijn leuk in een glazen pot en de gasflessen zijn ook goed gelukt!
    groetjes linda

  21. Your teeny, tiny little minis are just perfect Sab!