Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Go on with our fantastic Hobby!

I thought it was time to change the subject!

Let's forget everything and go on with our
great hobby and especially give all lovely
people all attention they deserve!

So, thank you all for being a friend in this mini
world and for all your support and comments!

Sylvia sent me this beautiful card with a sweet
gift hidden inside,to cheer me up.....,how cute is this!

She is always so thoughtfull and also a very good
friend...Thank you Sylvia,x


  1. What a lovely surprise and the apron goes so well with your little kitchen. It just restores your faith in human nature.

  2. Aww that is sweet!
    Lovely friend!!!!

  3. It is a very nice gift. It shows you there are far more great and nice people in the blog world than the contrary. Let's go on sharing beautiful things and ideas.

  4. Dear Shabia
    It would be great if you put the champagne cork basket on your blog:) That was exactly what I was hoping for...one idea spark another. I am sure everybody agrees and would love to see the basket. Please no need to ask here:) Hugs.

  5. After all, some of the nicest people I know are miniaturist people!!!
    Being generous and kind never fails!
    A nice gift from a good friend :-)
    Supportive hugs ;)

  6. Olá Sabiha!

    Gostaria que soubesse que estarei sempre torcendo por voce, sua criatividade e talento incríveis na arte das miniaturas.
    Apesar de estar do outro lado do mundo, me sinto seu amigo! e com este pensamento de amizade, é que te desejo somente coisas positivas, saúde e paz!
    Um grande abraço!
    E vamos continuar com nossas minis!!!!

  7. Yes it is nice to know this world is full of nice friend and leave such nice comments,thanx!

    @Irene,thank you for your comment and telling me the name of it...An apron,I could not find the right translation,haha! I was sure someone would call it by its name and learn me how it is called,haha!

    @Christel,I hope there will be more ideas of what can be made out of these parts...how knows we started a nice thing on the blogsphere!

    @Leo,thank you so much,and it is an honnor to hear a great artist as you get inspired by me!

    Hug you all!

  8. A beautiful gift from the wonderful Sylvia!
    A great way to change the subject!

  9. I have seen the previous post now....I am with you Sabiha...you are very creative, generous and kind.
    You know, there a lot of nice comments, altruism and the best friendship in this miniature world that we share.
    Sylvia has been very nice sending you the gift.
    We love miniature and you are a very nice woman.
    Lots of love ;)

  10. Lovely gift for a lovely person. I am glad I met you this year through Rosanna's christmas swap and I think you are one of the sweetest bloggers out there ♥