Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Foto Challenge!

The fourth of the fourth

Debby and Debbie gave me a challenge.
And quit a nice one; The rules are:

1. open the 4th file where you store your photos...

2. pick out the 4th photo & publish it to your blog...

3. explain a bit about it...

4. pass this challenge to 4 other blogs

This is the one I came up with....It is a foto of my collection
Christmas tree decorating. Most of it is more than 40 years
old and every year when it is time to use them it is like a
a little treasure for me.

I pass this challenge to :


  1. What a beautiful photo of these vintage decorations! Looks like it should be in a magazine. Lovely.


  2. Sab, I see some bubbles identical to mine!!!Thet were presented to my Mum at the end of IIWW and they came from USA.THhey are more than 60 years old since they date from 1946. I do love them and my dad use them every uyear. Many have gone broken but the survivors are treated like treasures.
    I'm sorry to say that I'm still waiting...I do hate Mail!

  3. I accept the challenge! Many Thanks ;-)

  4. A beautiful photo Sabiha! You are very lucky to have all those pretty vintage decorations.

  5. Thanks for doing the challenge Sabiha. They are beautiful decorations..xx

  6. I forgot to say that the picture is just wonderful! I love Cristhmas decoration!!
    By the way Sabiha, I would like to write you an e-mail but I could not find you adress in the blog. So, What I have to do? Leave my message here or you could be so kind to give me your e.mail? :)

  7. Nice to see you took the time for this challenge. and what a subject, these 'old' christmas decorations have never lost their shine. As you said, unwrapping them after an other year makes you feel so good. That outweighs every new colorscheme that (sorry) interiourdecorators tell us we 'have' to buy each year. No offend taken I hope ;-))