Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Project for the Professor!

This is a project I'm working at,I want to make a house for
a professor with his family.This man has traveled all over
the world...he is a collector of antiques and other things.
The most mini's I have made myself...now I put everything
in a little box,until he can move in a proper house!

These are bone's off a mouse,but in
miniature they are dinosaurs bones?

Magnifying glass with stand,as used to read
the 1888 boston Gazette,or to stich needle-

Microscope and Orrery!


  1. So wonderful, you have made amazing things. I love everything in the small space, probably the size of his work space before he got married. Mini Hugs, Jean

  2. Hello Jean,
    You are entirely right, women need always more space… he go together with its family in an ancient cupboard to live,work in progress?

    Thank you for leaving a comment,and mini hugs to you to!

  3. Sabiha I love the microscope and Orrery. The room box is fantastic...