Friday, February 25, 2011

Some explaining to do!

This post is especially for Cathi from
Beautiful Mini Blessings and Kate from
The Whittaker's miniatures

And of course for all those are interested?

How to make dormer windows.

First you have to determine the right angel.
There is a very simple trick to do that. Use
a white sheet of paper and hold it against
the roof...determine how big you want to have
it and and fold it against the edge.

Your template is rady...this will be just
the right angle for the roof.

I used some thick cardboard to make the rest of the is up to you how you make it. I wanted
to have a front to fit the windows in. You can use only
your window as a front and glue the sides to it.

Hold the templates together with some tape and
now your right size dormer window is ready. You can
check if it will fit and make some adjustmant as necessary.

For the hole in the roof use the inside demensions of the
dormer (the one you gona use)....hope my explanation
will help Kathi????

How I make the clothes pins.

I have used the carved thooth picks.

Than cut it here.....

And here......

Sand it on both sides round......

Splitt it with a sharp knife....and ready you are!
Have fun making them Kate!!!


  1. Ik kreeg ook al een email over de dakkapel dus je hebt me weer een uitleg bespaard!xx syl

  2. Sabiha your an angel thankyou!! it does look so easy, just have to find some of those fancy tooth pick now!!!!Lola can sand, ill do the cutting and between us we can make that mouse washing line she so wants thankyou!!! xxxxxxxxx

  3. These are lovely shaped toothpicks. I've never seen that kind before. Here they are either wooden and look like cocktail sticks or or are plastic and come in a sealed packet. Obviously over here we're not to be trusted with little sharp wooden things - lol

  4. Your whole blog is beautiful. I like the way you used an ornament for a leg of a table, amazing! I am sixty years old, when I was a little girl my father used to make doll furniture from cigar boxes. I had a matching sofa set and a matching bedroom set for my doll. Your blog sent me right back to childhood.

  5. Thank you SO much Sabitha! You make this look easy! I'm going to try it just as soon as I get home from work!
    Love those teeny clothespins.
    I really do appreciate these tutorials! They are BOTH exactly what I need right now! :D

  6. Dank je wel voor de uitleg Sabiha :)
    Altijd erg fijn om weer wat bij te leren!

    Liefs Jollie

  7. Thanks Sabiha, I loved the clothes pegs and must include some in one of my witch's shopping baskets.

    Thank you for sharing.

  8. thanks for the tutorial of clothespins, toothpicks I found, just the other day .. ah ah!
    I used the same method to make the skylight of my little cabin, a few years ago! I did it in a cardboard box of shoes ...
    good weekend!

  9. oooooo thank you!!! i always wondered about the angle of dormers and the clothes pins are fab!!! i must try these...thanks again! :D Linda x

  10. Sabiha, this is a great tutorial on dormers! Very nicely explained.

  11. You are all very welcome!!!!


  12. Sabiha, Congratulations, you are one of the three winners of the anniversary drawing. Please e mail me so that we can discuss preferences on the wicker.


  13. thanks for sharing :o) now if only I could find some of those fancy toothpicks! I've only seen the plain cocktail stick type here in the UK

  14. Hi Sabitha! I built my dormer this morning! Thank you SO much for your tutorial! Mine is a bit simpler than yours, but then so is my garage. LOL
    It really wasn't as hard as I thought but it WAS a lot of measuring and measuring! Now I just have to cut the holes. Shivering and shaking going on here! :D