Friday, February 4, 2011

A Blossom Surprise!

Yesterday, when I came late from work...there
was waiting a surprise for me.

M-tje send me a kit from Hanny, to make blossom
twigs. I had seen them once on her blog and told
her that they also would be nice in my new house.

She did not forget it and make my wish come true...
How blessed am I with all those wonderful friends!

The laundry can be washed, because there
is a drying rack...made by the talented
Wim van Soest!
There is one rack more what is on its way, made
by a friend from the Dutch blog, show you
when it is arrived. That one is to hang on the
bathroom door.


  1. What a nice surprise to receive and I like the idea of the drying rack. It's not an item we have over here. (That might have something to do with getting too much rain!)

  2. Zeker heeeel mooi en het wasrekje ook!!

    X Syl

  3. The drying rack is a very good idea. I wonder what kind of clothes you're going to hang.
    I love the blooming twigs, could you,please, give us a link for the kits. I am interested in kits flowers.

  4. I have been drooling over your house for the past couple of weeks and when I saw the windows late last night I was absolutely blown away! At first I thought it was a photograph of the window you wanted to build. I could not believe you had already built it!

    Amazing work, simply gorgeous.....and you have made a blossom tree. Believe me flower kits will be a walk in the park for you! The Templewood orchid kit is lovely by the way but I don't think they have lotus plants.

    No drying racks in England either....definitely too much rain!

  5. Just a little gift dear Sabje ;-)
    And you made them looking really wonderful!!!

    The flowerkits can be found here
    It's in Dutch, but there's a link to translate it with Google.

  6. Spring is coming! Well at least here it is ;)
    How funny Irene and Janice, of course it neeeeeever rains in Holland, ahum! I never realized that drying racks were not part of every household around the world. I love those everyday things we (well some of us anyway) are so familiar with.

  7. mooi die bloesemtakjes! en ik vind je wasrek ook heel mooi waar heb je die gekocht?
    je huis schiet lekker op zo en wat wordt het allemaal mooi
    groetjes linda

  8. Beautiful blossom branches and that drying rack is perfection! This project is wonderful.

  9. What a wonderful gift - M-tje is such a lovely lady... That drying rack is fantastic, how lucky are the people that can install one... well, no question around here (Today it was pouring for 24 hours - aaaarghhhh).

    Have a great weekend!

  10. The branches are wonderful. I love watching the process of how your house is coming along. =)

  11. Enhorabuena por esta maravillosa sorpresa¡¡¡es hermosa¡¡¡

  12. A lovely breeze of spring :-) and the drying rack is fantastic .Is Wim van Soest an exhibitor on any fair? I don't know him,shame on me!Jeannette

  13. What beautiful twigs and drying rack! I have an award for you on my blog

    Anne Mari

  14. Oh Sabiha, Your house is coming along so well and so QUICKLY. Do you ever sleep? I love your spring branches. They are so full of promise for the year to come. Super! Best wishes, Carol :)

  15. Hi there you all!Thank you forleaving your comment,x

    @Janit, you make me blush!
    @Genevieve, M-tje has left the link for the kit at her commemt...inthe next post I will do too.
    @Linda & Jeanette...Wim van Soest only sells his stuff in some stores...other exhibitors do sell it at fairs. I bought it at Little Dreamhouse Dordrecht.
    @mimmi,thank you very much!

  16. Yo no hablo ingles..pero hoy no puedo dejar de decirte que tu trabajo es maravilloso...increible¡¡¡¡ y muchas felicidades

  17. Wat een lieverd he, die Margriet :)
    Mooie bloesem, het past erg goed bij je huis en ook het wasrek vind ik erg gaaf!!

    Liefs, Jollie