Thursday, February 3, 2011

One Down...Three More To Go!

Yes, I did it and I love it!

This is how the windows on this site of the
wall must look. You can shut the shutters,
if there is a need for.

Three more to go....

I had to dress up the windows in the inside
too, before I put them on there place.
For the curtains again I used a piece of
lace Mercedes send me....all the windows
will have the same curtain on this site.

I also had to add paper on the bedroom wall,
where the windows are placed.....and of course
I could not help myself and played a little with

The bench is made by Sylvia and all of the
cusions aremade by the vry talnted Rosanna.

The most thing I like about having a house is,
that I finaly can take out all the wonderful
treasures and give them there rightful place,
instead of saving them in boxes, waiting to be used!


  1. super leuk gedaan!!!
    ben reuze nieuwsgierig hoe de rest eruit gaat zien'
    hou je in de gaten!!
    fijne dag
    groetjes manuela

  2. ik vind het helemaal geweldig hoe jullie (ook Sylvia)het huis maken,en inrichten,en zo snel en mooi.
    groetjes adrie

  3. Wow I love that side of your house, the windows with their lace curtains look so good, and the interior room is fabulous. Love the wallpaper with panels, is that how it comes?

  4. It looks fabulous Sabiha and you are so fast with every step my God!!! The wall paper is so cute and matching perfectly with the windows and your miniatures... I am impatient to see what you are going to do with this one... but I would like to be so mini for getting a cup of tea and enjoy a cake on this sofa near a fire place... doei, Claude

  5. Ben je vannacht doorgegaan ofzo hi, hi!!!!
    Maar het ziet er fantastisch uit.

    XX Syl

  6. Have you stopped sleeping? Your progress is amazing... seeing your first picture I thought at first it was an inspirational reality photo... LOL


  7. I just love the last photo! Room is so beautiful <3 Can't wait more pictures ;)

  8. oooooooooooooo i am in are so talented!! :D Linda x

  9. Oh how lovely this side is looking,you did a fantastic job with the windows and the moveable shutters.I wonder if your day is longer then mine?! Sweet flowerpots already at the windows and the bench with Rosanna's cushions look great.

  10. This is coming together so well - I'm enjoying each and every post. The detail is excellent, right down to the locking mechanism on the windows. It's going to be a fabulour property when it's finished.

  11. I love it too! I can´t do anything but admire... I just love your way to decorate!

  12. Everything is just SO wonderful!! I love the windows and the shutters are just amazing!!

  13. I love it too! Every detail is perfect, and I don´t know how you get the time either, but I also wonder where you learned ALL those skills, cause it seems that you can work with all kinds of materials. I admire that!
    Love, Susanne

  14. Love that blueish wallpaper and the sofa with gustavian look.Beautiful...

  15. hello, your work is so beautiful, you put a lot of detail. a big congratulations.

  16. Prachtig!! ik sluit me aan bij alle andere reacties. Je kunt ook wel een boek uitbrengen! groetjes van Margot

  17. Hi everybody...well some of you asked me if I either sleep...I can tel you that it is very late when I go and seek my bed,lol!
    I am also a quick worker...I know exactly what I want and need to make it. I realy don't work the whole day on my house...I wish.

    @Margaret, the wallpaper I bought 5 years ago I think, and it was waiting and waiting to be used....I just had a little piece of it,just enough to fit on that wall. The design is with panels.

    Susanne, thank you for your kind words...I just teach it myself, I try it and learned the skills. Because I always use material what is on hand I have become creative in finding the right thing,I think.

    Margot,prachtig compliment....maar iets te ver van mijn bed show,haha!

  18. Olá Sabiha!!
    Que trabalho bonito!!!!
    Estava observando cada fotografia e adimirando cada detalhe que voce fez!
    Está tudo mais que perfeito; parabéns mais uma vez pelo talento e bom gosto (que é sua marca registrada).
    Grande abraço

  19. I love your windows.
    It must be wonderful to put the miniatures you had in the house.

  20. Sabiha, Oh MY!!! This house is going to be exquisite!! It is now beginning to look very French! I love the windows and of course the interior is already just to die for!! Are you electrifying the house?? Your blog is a very exciting one to follow!!! I love this house!!

  21. Oooooooooooh! Sabiha, it's all looking so wonderful! I LOVE your windows!

  22. Great window and Ilove your wallpaper! Can't wait to see more of your treasures!:)

  23. :-D
    Just yesterday I received (finally) Lea's book: I decided to buy it after seeing it from you :-)
    Now I can appreciate all the great work you're doing on the house: the windows are beautiful and super chic wallpaper ...
    The bench is absolutely perfect :-)
    I am in love with your home and would like to be a bird to fly there and see you at work :-)
    Mini hugs, Flora

  24. Las ventanas muy conseguidas y las persianas increibles ! el rincon del sofa, papel y cojines es tan armonioso ...una delicia .Mariajo

  25. So charming and realistic! Love it. :)

  26. Absolut gorgeous work!! All is such perfect!
    It will be a fantastic house when it's finished.

  27. Het wordt echt schitterend Sabiha!!!! De gordijntjes passen er ook erg mooi bij! En dan het behang met dat bankje er voor...tja, perfect gewoon!!!

  28. Yes, You did it and I love it too! :D

  29. Beautiful Sabiha! Ja jullie gaan beiden zo snel, en het wordt zo mooi!

  30. My goodness how beautiful! I love, love, love the windows. Sabiha, you have such an eye for making and putting things together. =)

  31. These windows are so beautiful. The house is coming to life before our eyes. So talented. Carol :)

  32. Sab, dit ziet er echt helemall geweldig uit!Ik herken het huis nu al niet meer!:-)!

  33. Hi Sabiha,

    Ik zie dat ik een heleboel gemist heb in de dagen dat ik afwezig was ;)
    Wat is het allemaal mooi geworden, je hebt hard doorgewerkt eraan, maar het resultaat is echt verbluffend!!! :)

    Liefs, Jollie