Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gift, Bits and Pieces, Things need to be done!

Yesterday, Sylvia came to visit me, and that
is always so much fun. She loved the results,
of what I have done with the house...after
all she is the builder of this wonderful house.

Sylvia would not be Sylvia, if she came empty
handed....she made me these little baskets and
a beautiful Hyacinth....gorgeous!

Who did not finish to sweep the stairs?

This broom and dustpan is absolutely one of my
most favorite is made in perfection!

The geranium is placed on a little table,
Mercedes made that a little butterfly?

I also added a basket on a can be
handy for little stuff to put in what has to go
to the first floor.

Have to go through my boxes to find some
little stuff to put in....

I also will be adding a drying rack, with wet
laundry, of course!

I love what Karin did with this door....
I also would like to make a wire fence like
this for my upstairs door.
(if Ifind the right piece of wire?)

This will be a much bigger challenge....I will try to make
two lamps like this one, to hang above the doors.

Because the space on the wall next to the stairs is so empty,
(and I do not like empty spaces!) it would be a wonderful
spot to grow a Blue Rain like this one....

And the stair banister can use a climbing rose!

Much done and much to be finish this side of the
house. In the meen while I started with the second wall of
the house.


  1. Plannen genoeg weer, maar allemaal heel leuk, mooi en aanverwante artikelen...
    Het huis ziet er nu al prachtig uit, dus kan alleen maar mooier worden.
    Liefs Syl

  2. Oh I amost thought this is your miniature rack with drying clothes! LOL:D
    Beautiful gifts and great inspirations. It will be a long work to make all these beautiful flowers but I know you will be having fun while making them and the result will be great.:)

  3. Great plans... but lovely plans. And your gifts from Sylvia are gorgeous...That basket on a rope is a nice eyecatcher.


  4. prachtig weer...tot in detail.....
    Kan me voorstellen dat een mens hier gelukkig van word...zo mooi, met liefde gemaakt.
    Fijne middag

  5. Sabiha hello, thanks for your kind comment to my books!
    I do not think that even you to follow my blog, so your visit is very welcome, and I am honored that you read my post again.

    your home will be fantastic, with all these wonderful details!
    a kiss from Italy!

  6. I love all the detail of wear and tear on the walls and stairs, it looks so real!

    - Grace

  7. I love your house more and more with every step you do and the things you've added give the whole thing a lovely touch.I'm very curious how you make the drying rack, I always wanted to have something on one of my houses.The flowers,wonderful plants and pics!I'm watching you girl;-),I never had have the patient to make a wisteria.Jeannette x

  8. These little items suit your new property so well and I love your plans and ideas for the front. A wisteria would look wonderful!

  9. I love your ideas....I think you like just the same things as I do. Wow, it is going to look so wonderful! I love that door!

  10. How wonderful! I'm really excited to follow the progress of your home :-)
    I am sure that Sylvia is proud of your work!
    I remember when Karin has published the photo of the door: caused a sensation as she was beautiful, so I think it is a great model for your new home :-)
    Mini hugs, Flora

  11. Your blog is beautiful and filled with inspiration! Love following the progress of your new house.

  12. Those baskets from Sylvia are wonderful. All the added details are so fabulous! =)

  13. Wat heb je een leuke kadootjes gekregen van Sylvia, ook de geranium van Mercedes is prachtig! :)
    Dat veger en blik... hoe krijgen ze het gemaakt denk ik wel eens, dit is ook zo'n voorwerp wat inderdaad perfect gemaakt is in miniatuur...

    Wat je allemaal van plan bent om te maken klinkt erg goed, het past echt bij de stijl van je huis. Ik ben heel erg benieuwd hoe het vordert :)

    Liefs, Jollie

  14. So much to be done...wish I coud work the whole day on my house! Thanx everybody for the sweet comments.....

    @Jollie....het tafeltje is gemaakt door Mercedes, de geranium heb ik zelf gemaakt,hihi!


  15. Wow its looking fantastic, i love the muted coluors your using, the shutters are fantastic, good going xx

  16. Oeps sorry dan heb ik denk ik niet goed gelezen in de gauwigheid ;)

    Liefs, Jollie

    ps: de links in je menu naar Léa Frisoni en Pieter Porters doen het niet (daar staat dubbel http in, dus ik heb hem toch gevonden! Mooie site van hun en zeker heel inspiratievol!! bedankt :)

  17. Your miniatures are so great I have become one of your followers. I also make miniatures. Please visit my blog.