Sunday, April 19, 2009

Normandië, France!

Last summer we went on a holiday to
Normandië France.We stayed in this beautiful
house .....and we enjoyed it very much.
This June we will go and stay there again.

We only had to walk down the stairs and the beautiful
beach was just at our feet.

I missed something?...making miniatures!
In one or the other manner it has nevertheless
succeeded me to make something without tools.
A range chair.


  1. Beautiful pictures Sabiha and the Chair is very cute..

  2. I love the england style?

  3. Thank you Debbie..I made it with the sticks of icecream? Do not know how you call that in proper English?

    synnø are totaly right,Who knows? day I will be the owner of a Long Island Beach House,haha!

  4. Mooi huisje, wij hebben dat ook eens gedaan in de buurten van Berzier. Frankrijk is altijd mooi. Ja en je kunt t minien echt gaan missen op vakantie, maar je hebt er een leuke stoel van weten te maken!
    groetjes marlies

  5. The photos are beautiful. I love the chair. With no tools? Amazing!

  6. Hoi Marlies, de volgende keer neem ik mijn spulletjes mee,lijkt me wel handig,haha!Het is daar echt prachtig,ik verheug me op het langweekend in juni....

    Hi Casey,I did not bring tools with me,so I used what I had in my beautycase!

  7. Your chair is so pretty, and how lucky you
    are to go to Normandie and live in that

  8. What a dream to stay in a place like that. Beautiful mini chair, I lolve the blanket,

  9. It must have been wonderful! Great for place for mini inspiration.

  10. ooh yes Eva,Í am realy lucky to go there,I love Normandie.

    Mercedes,I have lend the blanket from an other project,but I think it stays with the chair!

    Jean,it is indeed a wonderful place for inspiration,the houses are so beautiful with the most wonderful colors.

    Thank you all!