Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Zebra Finch

These eggs belongs to the Zebra Finch,they are very little
and the size wil do as an Ostrich egg in miniature size.
I turned these stands of wood with hand.

The first Europeans to see an ostrich egg sureley
stopped in their tracks.The size,the texture,the
weight!Instantly it was a Kunstkammer hit,added
to exotic shells and spiral narwhale teeth,skulls and
feathers.Worth their weight in gold in the 17th C.,
famous sculptors were commisioned to mount them
on baroque stands embellished with rubies and
diamonds.Never having lost the magic of their fluid
beauty,they now fit perfectly in the cabinet of
curiosities of the professor. (project I'm working on)

Nautilus on stand,and real tiny Urchin shells!

This unicorn horn was a gift to me by Debby,
(narwhale theeth).She makes the most amazing mini's
and I love it all! Take a look at her site she is a real artist!


  1. Sabiha your little curiosities look lovely. I love your little carved stands.

  2. Thank you Debbie,I wouldlike to have those in bigger size for myself,haha...but what I cant have big I make in mini!

  3. Your curiosities are beautiful and very
    special I think!

  4. Beautiful carvings!
    Making in miniature what I would like in big size is what I do to, like the french house with the shop on first floor. And of course it would be nice if it was in a warm place :-)

  5. Eva thank you for your nice words,but I think your mini's are very special to!

    Synnøve,that is just the we can have it all! I love your french house with shop,one day I hope I have also a french house where I can put in my Provence furniture? And it would be nice if it would be in a warm place!

    Just like your beautiful RL house,a beach house
    is also a dream for me...lucky you,owning all these beautiful houses,haha!

  6. Mooi die standaardjes van hout en dan nog wel met de handgevijld! En een prachtig kadootje!
    groetjes marlies

  7. debby said...
    Aah that's nice of you. I am not that pc-orientaded so ther's a lot to catch up on here. I see you place the same blogs as on KB, but then in Englisch. That's why I stick to Englisch here.

    Hope you can find me now, otherwise I'll send a link ;-))

    have a nice weekend

  8. Thank you Jean.....The professor like to collect all these interesting stuf,haha!

    Marlies,het is zo leuk om te doen en ook helemaal niet moeilijk,stukje saté prikker en vijlen maar!

    Hoi Debby,

    Haha,you Engels is beter dan dat van mij,dus antwoord ik je ff in Dutch,hihi!
    Ik heb je blog gevonden en ik blijf je volgen,
    wel een hoop werk hoor al die blogs bijhouden...maar het leuke hier is dat je met mensen contact hebt van all over the world,hihi!