Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dried Flowers!

I dried some petit flowers between very
heavy books! Yesterday I have framed some...
and this is the result!
This beautiful ornament hanger was a gift!
It is made by Jody...she made it for my LifeStyle Interiors
shop in Christmas style.


  1. Your pressed flower pictures are very pretty.
    What a lovely gift to receive from your friend.

  2. Really beautiful dried flowers and nice idea too.
    I love them

  3. Ik had het al gezegd, maar ik vind ze fantastisch,

    groetjes Sylvia

  4. What a clever idea...those are very pretty.


  5. Thank you all,the idea I have from Wil Leusink,she have made a little book full of mini ideas.I just gave it a twist and make it my own.

    Thanks again for the nice comments!

    Mini Hugs...

  6. What beautiful framed dried flowers, I just had to check and make sure this was your mini blog, thought they might be large pictures. Really like the ornament hanger too. Thanks for sharing those photos.

  7. Thank you Jean for your compliments....I think to hear for a miniaturist,that the mini's she makes look large,is the best compliment there is! I'm pleased to share.

  8. Leuk de lijstjes, erg mooi geworden. t Kadootje van Jody is ook al zo mooi, past inderdaad mooi in jouw interieur shopje!
    groetjes marlies

  9. Ha Marlies,

    Ja, lief hé van Jody,was er ook heel blij mee,het hangt nu aan de deur van het winkeltje.
    Probeer binnekort weer ff een paar nieuwe foto's te plaatsen van de vorderingen aan de winkel.