Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Raining Gifts!

Yes, I know... isn't it beautiful !?!?
Sylvia made it for me to cheer me up....
isn't she the best !


  1. Watch out or you might get spoiled! LOL No realy, its an uplifting gift. You must be over the moon... so up your street... this chair. NICE! well done Sylvia!

  2. Hi Sab I'm sorry I did not answer you back and to know that you are feeling poorly. I'm not at my best myself and I neglected a bit this blogsphere which I love.Do not worry about the ladder and get well soon. Lovely chair nd lovey colour as well. Take care Rosanna

  3. I'm sorry you're not feeling well. The chair is beautiful! Oh my gosh, I love it! I hope it put a huge smile on your face!

  4. The chair is wonderful....well done to Sylvia!!!
    I hope you are felling better Sabiha, I'm sure recieving that chair must have helped!! I'm bet you sat and looked at it for a very long time, I know I would have...it is beautiful!!

  5. Sylvia is one of the cleverest and kindest people I know!
    That chair is beautiful!
    Hope you're getting better now!

  6. Thank you so much for the nice comments,it did make me feel better....thanks to Sylvia!


  7. I hope that your are right now.Smile the live it´s wonderful!. Your chair it´s perfect,your have a very luck.Hugs,Matilde.

  8. Hi Sabiha. I hope you are now feeling better.
    I love the chair and think its a beautiful gift to cheer you up.
    I have sent an email you. Your gifts arrived for Debbie yesterday and are beautiful.
    Thank you for sending and joining in.
    Best wishes, Nikki xxx

  9. Olá Sabiha!!!
    Espero que esteja muito bem e muito feliz!
    Por mais complicado que pareçam as coisas, sempre há uma saída maravilhosa! só precisamos ficar tranquilos e atentos aos sinais diários...
    Desejo sinceramente que continue a produzir miniaturas pois,nos transporta para um "outro lugar"...
    A cadeira está maravilhosa como todos os trabalhos da Sylvia!!!
    Quem sabe será ponto de partida para mais um novo cenário?
    Grande abraço e muitas felicidades