Friday, September 25, 2009

I finally started a project I have in mind for a long time now.
I want to make several showcases which look like a puzzle
and putting them together it will be a huge house. I have no
place for such a large house,so the different parts are stored in
an antique cabinet. This project will be work of years, but I am
pleased to announce that the first room is almost finished.

It is a stock room/utility room with door and stairs to a wine cellar.
The seeling and front are not finished yet,but I could not wait to
show it to you and ask for your opinion?

Terracotta Floor.

Entrance to the wine cellar.

For years these mini's are safley stored in boxes,
but I am so glad that finally some have found there place.
There still very much mini's that should have a place,
however there is a beginning!
Somehow I did not get it right at the pic,tomorrow I
try again!


  1. What a fabulous idea! I love this room- my most favorite part is the drain in the floor and the door to the wine cellar, but it is all amazing.

  2. Oh - it looks wonderful and me too I like
    the door to the wine cellar, and all the other
    pretty things you have made - the floor to!
    /Eva J

  3. Great idea:) I love the look of it. Have you already made a plan for the whole house or do you just decide for each room you make? Will be interesting following this:)

  4. WOW!! What a wonderful project!! I love the celler. It reminds me a little bit Andalucia, in the South of Spain with this lovely grille and all the details :)

  5. I am just finding your blog, and I am loving it all. This kitchen is so wonderful. I am also rather new to minis, so I find it amazing at how real life this looks. I want to be able to go into the wine cellar and look around..

  6. Hoi Sab,
    Tja, wat moet ik nou nog zeggen...
    Het is nu helemaal af, perfect hoor!!!!!!!!
    Lekker gespeeld met je spulletjes, heerlijk is het als alles eindelijk zijn plekje heeft gevonden he?!
    Ik ben gestopt met mijn pincetje, hij is geinstaleerd en is helemaal goed!

    Liefs Syl

  7. Love your idea of building a house one room at a time! I love the way you added a little wall for the stairway to the wine cellar. The door is amazing! Love the floor with the drain too!
    Then there are all of those perfect accessories! You've done a wonderful job!

  8. I love your idea of building the rooms like this! This one is wonderful, all the little details like the bricks and the drain bring it to life. I enjoyed seeing it coming together little by little and then the whole room at the end, it's really nice!

  9. Super! Vooral dat putje in de vloer, dat geeft het net dat beetje extra :)
    (Oh is het erg als ik in het NL reageer trouwens? Als je liever Engels hebt ook no problemo hoor!)

  10. Sab this is a very good idea. the cellar has turned out so well, there are so many details and goodies to watch at. I really love it. The wee drain on the floor is a masterpiece!

  11. What a neat idea! It is such a great idea to work on one room at a time. This one is fabulous - and it must be so nice to finally have a room for your minis.

  12. I love it all, especially the door/gate. The terra cota floor also looks very realstic. Did you make that yourself from clay?

  13. WOW!! Sab, that looks awesome! The terracotta floor looks great and I love that blue shelf on the wall. How exciting to be building a house like that!

  14. Olá Sabiha!

    Que bela idéia! está muito legal e o mais interessante é que apesar de estarmos em países distintos e distantes, existe uma grande semalhança na disposição dos cômodos. Parabéns pelo belo início,,, vamos aguardar o que vem mais por aí!
    Hoje recebi, um dos pacotes que vc enviou!!!!!!! Muito obrigado pelas peças que me mandou; já estou usando no novo trabalho...
    Grande abraço

  15. Oooh wow,my gosh!!! Thank you dear friends for all the nice comments,it is so good to hear!

    I have to answer some questions!

    @Christel:The complete plan for the house is finished and is in my head, I do not work with drawings etc.I just begin and because I've been thinking it over it works for me in this way. Only this floor has 10 different rooms and the total house will consist of 5 floors, so I'm still working here!

    @Tina:Welcome on my blog and I hope you can find some inspiration to use for your own projects,thank you for the comment!

    @Sylvia:Haha,ja dat is een hoop werk hé,maar goed te horen dat je ondanks veel werk er ook nog iets aan hebt gehad! Kon niet meer wachten om het te laten zien,goed te horen dat je het mooi vind!

    @Lirael: Geen problemo dat je in het Nederlands reageer,haha! Maar wel leuk dat je reageerd!

    @Texas Belle: I made the floor from terracotta clay.And then painted it several times to get it right.

    @Leo:Did you received 2 packages alrady? I'm glad to hear you like it and can somehow use it for one of your beautiful projects.The next room I will working on will be the wine cellar,And I have allrady fantastic mini's to use in there....your chair en wooden goodies will look fantastic in there!

    Hugs for all of you!

  16. Wow, its all beautiful. You always make everything look so real and wonderful.
    The floor tiles are fabulous.
    Good idea what you are doing too!
    You also always take lovely photos.
    Nikki xxx

  17. He, goed idee om allemaal losse delen te maken tot een huis, dit ziet er al geweldig uit, dus staat ons nog wat te wachten!
    groetjes marlies

  18. Hi.I loved this room.I discovered your blog when I was looking Liberty biberty.By the way are you Turkish.Im Esra from İstanbul.Im a doll maker and new miniaturist.Have a nice day