Saturday, May 8, 2010

Result of the barbed wire!

I did not wanted to keep you waiting to long,
so here is a little sneek preview to what I'm
up to at the moment!
I am working on a kitchen garden!
It is very small and there will be growing herbs
and greens to use for prepairing delicious dishes.
There will be a garden with flowers too, but that
have to wait for the next time.
If some of you can remeber I worked on a little shet
with garden, but I sold the whole thing,because it wasn't
at 1;12 scale. I have sold it without the minies and now
I'm so glad I can use the beautiful minies again.
This time it is going to stay!
This gate was my firts present from Mercedes!
It was the lid of a wired box, and I'm so happy
that I finaly can use it just for the right project.
The box I have transformed into a henhouse, and
it will be used in an other part of the garden.
This little water scene I also made for the
other garden, I just had to put it out of the box
where it was hidden all the other stuff.

The birdhouses were also a gift from my friend

As you can see there is still a lot of work to
be done. It needs much more details, the
little bricks are to clean etc, etc.
I have to make the greens and herbs,
and I need to buy some potting soil to fill up
the empty space at the floor.
But for now it has to wait until an other time!
I first want to finish the little toilet....


  1. What a wonderful kitchen garden this will be! I love how the lid of a box became the gate! Are you going to use coffee grounds or tea leaves for your potting soil? I look forward to seeing this completed! It will be so sweet!

  2. I like your garden very much, I think it is very well planned.

  3. What a nice place, Sabiha, I would love to spend some time there and look around ;-)Great lid, I love when things you would normally waste, suddently come in handy.
    Love, Susanne

  4. This is so great! Love everything you've done!

  5. Your little garden's been well worth the wait. It's lovely. Even in it's early stages there's lots to see in a relatively small space. Very creative!

  6. Sabiha your little Garden is great. Can I ask what have you used for the fencing along the side where the gate is. Is it Tulle?

  7. It looks so nice, I want to start with my garden also, but need to finish the house first :)


  8. Brilliant. Absolutely charming, convincing and delightful!

  9. Dear all, thank you for the comments, it always makes me happy!

    Patty, I always use coffee grounds, I think that looks most realstic to me and smell nice too,LOL!

    Debbie,you guessed right, I used tulle for the fencing.I painted it silver and made it stronger with some hairspray!

    Ira, I know what you mean...there are so many things I would like to work on, I'm afraid I have to little time in this life to finish them all,LOL!


  10. The water feature is lovely. I have seen a few mini gardens recently and I keep thinking mmmm....maybe I could?
    It must be the time of year.

  11. Oh, such a fab idea. Your garden is very charming, reminds me of when I´ve been traveling in Czeck. How they can grow lots of vegetables on a very limited area...

  12. A piece of land full of potential. I would see very well even the cauliflower...
    Very nice the tub with the water lily, full of poetry :-)

  13. Brilliant and charming!! Love it!!

  14. It's looking great Sabiha!
    I'm glad you were able to use the gate lid!

  15. You have been busy and it looks great!

    The gate is such a novel idea.

  16. ¡Simplemente fantástico!!

  17. I love this garden! It's going to have everything one could want or need to make delicious and fresh food dishes! And like always, you know how to create the perfect atmosphere for each room.

  18. So entsteht Ecke für Ecke ... Sieht nett aus Schon jetzt. Man Glaubt GAR Nicht, wurde für Eine Arbeit und Liebe steckt Darin. Toll ...

    Liebe Grüße Puno / Monika

  19. What a beautiful start! The details are perfect, what a great atmosphere.

  20. What a nice place, it looks great. I love it :-))
    groetjes Ingrid

  21. Olá Sabiha!
    Mais uma ótima surpresa!
    gosto demais de como utiliza os espaços das cenas; isso é sinal de muita observação e paciência! Certamente será mais um escelente trabalho.
    Grande abraço

  22. A beautiful garden! I love the wire and the gate and all the sweet touches. So pretty.


  23. Geweldig hoor, het gaat er al echt op lijken!!
    Je hebt de smaak weer goed te pakken he?!
    X Syl

  24. Oh thats lovely I really like the water feature!
    Interesting barb wire
    its a sweet scene I always like gardens!!

  25. Te esta quedando fabuloso!!!!
    Me encantan todos los detalles que llevas puestos y estoy deseando ver los avances.
    Seguro que te queda genial!!!
    besitos ascension

  26. What a wonderful little garden you've made. I like the water scene very much!

  27. That is fabulous, so good you could use the wonderful minis you had made from your previous project.

  28. En este momento es como los corrales de las casas de pueblo un poco abandonadas de aqui.
    Seguro que lo convertirla en todo un jardín.
    un abrazo

    In this moment it is like the corrals of the houses of people(village) a bit left of here.
    Assurance that it to turn her into the whole garden.
    An embrace

  29. Sabiha, dankjewel voor je lieve commentaar op mijn blog. Gezien de kwaliteit van je werk (en die vind ik erg hoog) doet het me erg goed dat je m´n keuken mooi vind! Ik neem je ook niet kwalijk dat je nog niet eerder gereageerd had. Uit een eerder blogbericht van je meende ik al begrepen te hebben dat je het te druk hebt gehad. Ik gebruik jouw blog zeker om inspiratie op te doen (ik heb je idee van de kaarsendover gebruikt), het is echt prachtig!
    Hartelijke groet, Lara

  30. Hoi Sabiha,

    Ben ik een weekje weg en dan loop ik al weer vreselijk achter zie ik!!....meid wat had je lekker de vaart er in en wat mooi allemaal!, ik kom het natuurlijk binnenkort allemaal in het echt bekijken.

    Lieve groetjes, Karin.