Monday, May 17, 2010

For Sale!

For some while now I'm thinking to start my own
Etsy! I aready have an account at Etsy,but have to
figure out how it works?

Before I start selling minies I first wanted to know
if there would be anyone interessted in the things
I make? Otherwise I do not bother to start an Etsy
at all!

So, I have made some mini's to have a try-out!

The items on the photo are from left to right:
-picture frame with pink dry flowers
-picture frame with white dry flowers
-picture frame with purple dry flowers
-little wall cabinet to hang next to the door
-memo board
-plait with leather carrier
-cast iron plant hangers
-cast iron cake stand
If there is anyone interested and want to see
more pictures or needs to know
more about the materials the minies are made
of, please mail me at:


  1. Well, I think that your minies are so fab that they would be a hit in Etsy :) I especially love the flower pictures and the litle saw, it's fab!

  2. che spettacolo credo che siano delle cose bellissime io adoro i quadretti

  3. Definatly Sabiha, i adore your minis, Im really hoping you make some more frames and those little ribbon hanging ones too, oh and lipsticks and....the list is endless as I love all your minis so yes go for it!!!! Kate xxx

  4. Go for it Sabiha. Your stuff are so pretty and wellmade...

    I´ve been having the same thought about making an Etsy shop. I already have an account like you...and the same doubt of my things are good enough for selling :0)

  5. Ofcourse you should start an etsy shop, you make so many delightful items!

    Linda x

    p.s...I'm with Kate, lipstick please!

  6. Go for it Sabiha! You have such lovely minis there is always going to be someone interested!

  7. Sabiha, estoy segura que si habres una tienda etsy, venderas muchisimo, porque tus minis sn geniales!!!
    besitos ascension

  8. Definetely, Start your Etsy Shop. Sure!
    Your minis are always really good, It will be a succes. If I started mine (and you are better than me) you MUST to start yours ;)

  9. Oh you definitely should!! I'd buy the hacksaw and other tools for the workroom in my Santa's toyshop, it looks perfect for one of the elves :o) how much would it be? and are you making other tools?

  10. Hoi Sabiha,

    Nou dat gaat vast lopen als een trein als ik die spulletjes zo zie!!

    Toevallig ben ik ook met hetzelfde idee aan het werk, ik laat je binnenkort wel een foto zien.

    Lieve groetjes, Karin.

  11. I agree with everyone else! You should start an Etsy shop! I would be definitely interested in your mini wonders!

  12. I vote yes, and I'd certainly be a customer!

  13. Very beautifull mini.I love the wall cabinet with written home!Very country.
    I think you are very good and you must become an etsy seller!

  14. If my current projects were shabby chic I would love to buy your items - unfortunately I am into the witchy theme!
    I am with all the others your work is beautiful.

  15. Your minis are great ,you should open esty Store!!
    Kind regards!!

  16. ¡Hola Sabiha!!
    Siempre que empieza un nuevo proyecto, da algo de inseguridad ya que no sabe uno que pasara..
    Pero ojala te animes ,yo creo que tendras muchas satisfacciones ya que tus trabajos son hermosos , muy bien hechos , de muy buen gusto,de buena calidad, etc.
    Un beso

  17. Sabiha, Definitely open your etsy store! I am sure you will do fine as your items are so wonderful! I really love the framed flower pictures! They are darling!!! Ane the "home" shelf! too sweet!!

  18. They are really interesting!
    Etsy is very popular these days!!
    let us know what your addy is when you do pop them on etsy I must make another list!!!lol

  19. Sabiha, I think you should open an Etsy Shop your miniatures are lovely. I'm sure you'll have plenty of customers. xx

  20. Oh yes, start an etsy shop! I would love the chance to buy some of your creations, Sabiha!


  21. I think you should start a Etsy shop, your miniatures are great, like the flowers frames.

  22. Your beautiful items will be a success!!!
    Synnøve :)

  23. Wat een leuk en goed idee Sabiha, ik denk wel dat je klanten trekt je maakt erg leuke mini's, good Luck!

  24. Like the others, I think you should go ahead with the Etsy shop - nothing ventured, nothing gained and all that!

  25. Go for it! start a etsy shop.

    Groetjes Natascha

  26. Yes please do. Your minis are so wonderful. Hugs~ Kim

  27. I think you should definitely give it a try.

    If you need any help with anything, feel free to contact me. :)

  28. 大家隨便說,說什麽都好,就是請不要惦惦.............................................

  29. Hi Sabiha, Go on and give it a go!! Your minis are beautiful and starting an Etsy shop costs very little in terms of money.

    As they say....nothing ventured nothing gained!

    Hugs, Carol xoxo

  30. Hello, I really like the home shelf and the note board!

  31. Hi Sabiha, I have a little something for you over at my blog! Hugs, Carol xoxo