Friday, May 22, 2009

Water Lilie!

I had made this water scene some time ago...
but it missed something...?

Susanna ,was the one who gave me the idea
for making a water lilie....she makes beautiful
ponds and pots with beautiful water lilies.


  1. Geweldig gedaan Sabiha! Ik lees net een post van Tallulah-Belle, ook over water lelies. Wat een toeval.

  2. Its lovely Sabiha.. Mini Hugs

  3. Wonderful Sabhia - it is so pretty.

    Funnily enough I started making these a couple of days ago and posted pics on my blog this morning :-)

    Oh and by the way...the link to Susana's page doesn't work :-(

  4. Quanta novidade!!!
    O gradil está ótimo e a planta excelente!
    Muito muito bom mesmo...

  5. Oh Sabiha, it's beautiful! What did you use for the water in the pond?

  6. @Josje,ik ben gelijk even een kijkje gaan nemen!De lelies van Jayne zijn idd prachtig,vooral de diep roze kleur!Ik had dat tijltje al een tijd terug gemaakt en gevuld met wat riet en rotsjes met een schildpad,maar het was zo saai,toen zag ik de water lelies bij Susana en ik wist meteen wat ik miste!

    @Debbie,thank you for always being so kind...hugs!

    @Jayne,Josje also told me about your beautiful lilies,I went over to have a look and I love them! The beautiful deep pink,wow!

    Thank you for telling me that the link doesn't work,I will fix it right away!

    @Leo,thank you so much,I try to do my very best,haha!

    @Mercedes,it is scenic water I used for the water! I also want to make a pond like you did
    with some rocks,but do not know were to place it in this mini garden?