Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dove Cote!


  1. Wow! Sabiha, that is so gorgeous and beautifully made. The pigeons will be very happy!

  2. wat een ontzettend leuk duivenhokje heb je daar, een heel leuk maatje, en daar kunnen veel duifjes in zo te zien aan al die deurtjes:-)

  3. Wat een mooie duiventil, laat de duiven maar komen!

    Groetjes van Kim

  4. What lucky pigeons to have such a beautiful home!

  5. Adorable! You've really mastered the aged look; it adds so much realism to your projects.

  6. Isn't it lovely? I like so much your work.

  7. Sabiha, I have just gone through all your posts.I know Rosanna has already given you the One Lovely Blog Award but you definitely are one of my picks as well. I hope to use the picture of your little water feature in your last post to introduce your blog. Is it ok?

  8. Wow,how nice to read these wonderfull comments!
    Every time it makes me happy!
    So,thank you all...big hugs!!!!

    Thank you Sans,how nice of is a great hounor to get an award from you!
    Ofcourse it is ok to use any picture you want!

  9. Haja inspiração!!!
    Eu gosto de fazer vários trabalhos ao mesmo tempo pois cada vez que olho para hum deles, surge uma nova idéia e os complementos vão chegando... acho que voce faz o mesmo!!!
    isso é muito legal!

  10. Thank you Leo...I was working on a lifestyle store in christmas style but some how I did not like it,you inspired me to change the store to a antiek/flower shop with your last blog,so thank you!It is a great honor to hear that I can inspire you to!

  11. Oh!!!!
    Que honrra e alegria a minha... fico realmente muito feliz em poder ajudar!!!
    Grande abraço
    . Estou trabalhando bastante em várias peças; em breve pretendo colocar algumas fotos.