Saturday, September 15, 2018

Hi there!

Are there still people who follow me after such a long absence?
But guess what! I’m back again ;) I will not post but if you like to follow my miniature adventures you can find me on instagram!  @studio.sab_onscale

Hope to see you there soon! 


  1. We can not come in on your instagram.
    Google says that it not exist
    Many times the instagram failure, so I don't like it

  2. That is strange? Do you have a instagram account? Perhaps I can follow you?

  3. Hi Sabiha! I am not on instagram..... I am a confirmed blogger, so I will miss seeing your creations. :(
    There are still many bloggers blogging, but maybe not all the same ones as long ago... many have gone quiet.
    I would love to see a picture or two here on blogger too! (hint hint!) It is great to hear you are still doing minis at any rate!!! :)

  4. Sabiha, I thought I wrote here as well! but never mind, I am following you on Instagram. How are you and your family ? tight hugs to you all

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