Monday, December 6, 2010

Where did the eggs go?

The eggs were stolen I think so it was time
to do something else with this eggs box.

In the calendar Mercedes made me, I found
these little cute plates and books of Cath Kidsten...
I thought it would be a shame to put it in a
box, waiting to be used in one of the million
projects I have in mind... So I made this little
shabby roombox to go with the plates.
Now I have a place to put those lovely shabby
minis in!!!!

The plates rack and the side table were made
by me, but most of the things were gifts, from
Mercedes, Sylvia and Eva.

It was a bit to dark to take the photos, but
I simply could not wait to share it with you!


  1. What a fabulous way of displaying these lovely pieces. Thank you for sharing this idea with us all.

  2. What a wonderful display box for the shabby items in your collection! So much better than packing them away till you need them! Love it! I love what you have sent Mercedes so far! She finally posted some photos and everything looks so great!!

  3. What a lovely idea - it just shows, there are mini opportunities everywhere! I love the little jug trim on the front too.

  4. It is a terrific idea, I love it.

  5. Brilliant idea Sabiha. Your little Room looks lovely and I like how you've tied the jug to the

  6. I also have got two egg cupboards as birthday presents (in September). And I would like to put some furniture in the boards :0)

    Your little room is so nice!!! I really love it.


  7. Oh Sabiha, this is sooooo beautiful!!! I love how it all looks. I really do love every single piece in there. =D

  8. That is such a wonderful way to show off your shabby minis! I really love it.


  9. Wat staat dat leuk zo!!! Veel leuker dan eieren LOL

  10. Great idea! Your little gifts look perfect there!

  11. What a perfect way to repurpose the egg box! I love your shabby collection of gifts. Those plates are really pretty.

  12. Es una buenísima idea!!! Te ha quedado fantástica!!!. Olga.

  13. Delicioso el regalo y la caja .. muy adecuada y coqueta . Enhorabuena.Mariajo.

  14. Oh! Sabiha, that is a fantastic idea!
    It looks beautiful and perfectly shabby!

  15. Your little room box/cupboard is so pretty and will make a beautiful display, very shabby CHIC!