Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Advent Calendar!

As promised, I'd show you what I'm been
doing lately.

Mercedes asked me a while ago, if I would like
to do an advent calandar swap with her and of
course I immediately said,YES!

We also wanted to surprise Sylvia and agreed
to make her one too! Mercedes sent her part of
the gifts and I made a guirlande for both of them.

This week I received my calendar from Mercedes,
and Oooh it's such a feast...can't hardly wait till it
is the 1th of December.

As I like to decorate my home at Christmas
time with whites and silver, the calendar is just
perfect! I hung it in front of my mirror in the
living room.

This is the calendar I have made for Mercedes and Sylvia.
On Sylvia's blog you can see how long it actually is. It was
fun making it, but much more fun for them to open the bags
for 26 days! (we added some extra,LOL)


  1. Leuk idee Sabiha.
    Ik wens je veel geduld tot 1 december :-)

  2. Sabiha, What fun you will be having opening your little packages. I can't wait for both of you to share what is inside of them!!!

  3. What a lovely idea! It is really exciting. A surprise everyday...

  4. Super! Oh I must do this with someone next year! I love it!

  5. Beautiful Advent Calenders. Hope you all have Fun opening your little parcels..xxxx

  6. What fun these calenders are, and these one's you gals have made for your swap are so pretty.

  7. Both beautiful! It has been a gorgeous idea and I'm sure that there will be treasures inside! Have fun, Rosanna

  8. Wonderful idea :-)
    It will be an incredible joy the beginning of each new day in December...

  9. Your Advent calendars are very beautiful! What treasures will be in???

    I love Advent calendars. Every year I make some and give them as a present.

    And I love to get an Advent calendar. And to open one little packet every day.

    Have a nice Advent time
    hugs and greetings

  10. Such a lovely idea and it looks wonderful, hanging at your mirror! Almost a shame to unpack the presents...maybe you should wait until january ;-)
    Just joking...can't wait to see what treasures will be in it!!!

  11. Your calendar arrived here on November 30th!! Perfect timing! I'm glad mine matches your decor so well, lol!