Friday, July 16, 2010

Presents and a little Reveal?

There are some gifts I forgot to show.....
stuppid me!!!!

These little hart shaped gifts are from Karin.
The little door hanger is realy cute...!!!

This crochet pillow Sylvia made for
fits perfectly in a chair I smarten up some
years ago! The collor just match super!

It also will have a place in my new project!

As I'm all excited about my new BIG project,
I will tell you some about it!

If you are following me, you know I have
quite a few minies collected but have no
house to put them in. The most beautiful
items are put away in boxes waiting to be

Well...I can reveal that finally a wish come true,
and soon I will own my very FIRST HOUSE!

Because I have to little space to build one, and
also do not like that part to do so....Sylvia, offered
me to build it for me!!! (She does really like that part)

Isn't she the BEST!!!!

I get a house which I will finish at the outsite and inn!
And that is the part I like the most!

As you all understand, I have a million more minies to
make, to fill it up!

For the part what house it will be, and who will live in it....?
This part I will not reveal would be fun to hear your
ideas about it, and see if there is someone who will gues it?

So, I thought I make a chalange about it, and the one who
is closest to my idea...wil be the winner!

I'm very curious to your comments!


  1. Hè eindelijk een tipje van de sluier. Gefeliciteerd met je a.s. huis ;-)
    Ik denk dat het een frans/provencaals huis wordt, met een vrouwelijke bewoner die van brocante houdt (hopelijk goed geraden???)
    Hartelijke groet en in spanning wachtend op de rest van je huis, Lara

  2. Gosh Sab !!! a great project indeed! you are so lucky of having Sylvia close (well, nearly close) by ! I do envy you both a little bit...
    Shall we all mini friends live in that fabulous, I already know it will be gorgeous, house ? ini hugs Rosanna

  3. Oh, I love that door, Sabiha! How exciting - I can't wait to see the house being built. I have to get back to mine...I've been away for 2 1/2 months and couldn't work on it.


  4. The door is great!Something shabby chic? ;)

  5. How exciting!! And I'm loving that front door!! With those 3 items, I'm picturing a shabby chic beach house?? Can't wait to see what becomes of this project:)


  6. Volgens mij wordt 't een franse bloemenwinkel. De uitstraling van de deur, hortensia en...lavendel geeft mij dit idee.
    Ik ben zeer benieuwd.
    Succes Sabiha

  7. Wat een lieve vriendin is Sylvia! Ik denk dat Lara het goed heeft en dat het een Frans Provencaals huis wordt, met veel brocante.

  8. I think your house will be Tuscan or southern french, possibly along the Mediterrean i.e. beach house if that's what it's called there.
    hugs Karin

    Looking forward to seeing what it will be...

  9. Sab, That is going to be so wonderful! I love what Sylvia does! Will it be a traditional Dutch Canal house?? with a florist shop on the bottom floor? Can't wait to see!

  10. Maybe a French or Mediterranean country house? Whatever it is will be very beautiful I'm sure - you are lucky to have such a skilled "contractor/builder" for your house and I know you have made wonderful minis to fill it with - congratulations!

  11. How exciting!!! Congrats!! I look forward to the house being built and how you decorate it! I'm sure it will come out lovely, and I love the idea that in the end it will be like a "group project." I look forward to seeing both of your skills meld into one house (=

  12. How exciting to start a new project. The door is great love the color. I'm thinking a tuscan country house. Must be nice be nice to have someone to work with.

  13. Lovely gifts and YES! Sylvia is THE BEST!!!

  14. I love your little minis! Your front or back door is too cute!

  15. 感謝您願意分享您的生活經驗~~支持您的更新哦!............................................................

  16. Dear Sab, it's great news! Your first house!
    Made by Sylvia and decorated with your exquisite taste...It's going to be fabulous! Can't wait to see it!

    A big kiss

  17. Oh lucky girl!! A house made by sylvia would be a treasure ;)
    I do not know...perhap a house related with the sea nad beach??

  18. Olá sabiha!

    Quanta coisa bonita e que grande idéia!!!
    Qualquer opção que escolha será com certeza muito bem feita e com a sua marca registrada "Bom gosto!! e beleza"
    Mas me arrisco a dizer que será algo bem aconchegante, tranquilo, confortável, rústico e com um "ar" de família...
    Será uma Pousada no campo ou praia????
    Grande abraço

  19. Great gifts you have received and I just love that door, fabulous colour and distressing. How lucky you are to be getting a house built by Sylvia, I think it may become an artist's house.

  20. 連接生與死這兩塊陸地的橋樑是愛…….......................................................

  21. Hoi Sabiha,

    Even vanaf hier, Alsnog van Harte Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag en drie dikke kussen vanuit een warm en zonnig Italie!!

    Lieve groetjes, Karin.

  22. I can't wait to see your house. I can easily understand how excited you must be. Lucky you to have Sylvia to build it for you.

  23. Love that door! The colour is perfect

  24. Los regalos preciosos, disfrutalos.
    La puerta es ideal, quiero verla puesta:) Besos Clara