Sunday, February 14, 2010

All about a little box!

It seems that there was someone I forgot to mention on my previous post!

The little box in front of the bed in my daughters roombox,was a gift from
Edith, Grumbler & Poppet

Well not the box but a printie of the box,she sent herself to me
by email to use!!!!!! (this was for a year or two ago)
And that is exactly what I did,I made just one box and used it for
my little girls roombox! I did not sell,give or copied it to anyone else!

She says that I have used it without her permission and accuses me for steeling it from her????

If I use something and it is not mine I always refer to the one who give me the inspiration or permission....hé, do not show it other wise!!! We all get inspiration of each others work and I am honnored if someone likes my work. I am also honnored if someone takes the time to make and
sent me a gift and I'm proud to show it to you all.

I will not remove her comment she gave at my previous post,so you can make your own opinion about it....but I did removed the box!

I,m not the kind of person that likes arguing,but I could not just let go.......

I am furious!!!!!!!



  1. Good girl, you did the right thing.
    She is crazy and let her be!!!!
    Unfortunately there are always people like that!

    Love Sylvia

  2. She really IS a "Grumbler" isn't she?! I'm glad I can't read all of the comments she made!
    Enjoy your little box with your daughter. It's beautiful and you have made it your OWN!

  3. Sabiha, you are the one of the lovliest most honest people I have ever met. I am sorry this has happened to you, it is completely ridiculous!

  4. Oh, dear, trouble in miniland! I look at many blogs and websites where there is much gift giving and sharing of ideas and designs. Many of the items we use in our miniature creations are purchased or received from others. The "Grumbler" has made an error here and is confused about the difference between personal use and commercial use of her "design", and it will cost her a friendship (and reputation I think). Don't worry, Sabiha, keep up the good work - it's a beautiful roombox!

  5. Sabiha, I've translated all the comments and I can't believe how petty some people are. The "Grumbler", sent you via email a printie for your own use. You have used the Printie for your own use, so what is the problem? If she didn't want you to use it, why send it to you in the first place? Ignore her remarks, she's obviously not the full shilling.. There's lots of free downloadable printies out there in Miniland use one of them instead.
    Hugs xxx

  6. I am delighted you smashed the box. Way to go! I had to read the story. You did Good. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Grumbler by name, grumbler by nature it seems.

    Your room box is beautiful :)

  8. Just a quick note regarding the design "stealing" thing. If you click on the link below (or copy and paste to search), you'll see the design in question is not original but is from a Brundage pierrot antique valentines card. Anyone could copy any of these images and make personal use only items, but should not lay claim to the design itself, as "G" seems to be doing. Just a thought... :-)

  9. Sabiha, I used this valentine print on my site as a greeting. It is a vintage print and not owned by this person accusing you.

  10. OK, I get was sent to you for use... but you were not supposed to use it!
    No, I don't think I get it!!! Never mind Sabiha, it was Valentines Day and for some people, it has that effect. And you did say so nicely at the end of your post that you hoped you didn't forget anyone.

    Oh, but it does take some of your pleasure away when you look at that little room box you made with so much love for your daughter.

    All the fuss just to discover it is free for all. I do hope she apologizes as it was a bit silly..

  11. I think your box is too cute and I hope your daughter enjoys it. Funny thing.... I just got this box off of her blog site today. Was I not supposed to get it? Guess I better never use it!

  12. I was thinking of using the Laduree logo that she has floating around on her you think she will mind? I'm sure it is her own creation. maybe I should ask...
    ;-) Take courage, sweet girl! She will exhaust herself if she continues on this rant.
    (btw, Cynthia! Good work!)

  13. Oh what a story,completly horrible and irreproducible !Forget it,it's too stupid!And who needs the little box of "Grumbler",I think nobody !Jeannette

  14. Aw really!
    Goodness me!
    There is always someone..... I would have destoyed it too, that way you won't have to remember what has happened!!!

  15. Feel free to use or copy or be inspired by anything I´ve made anyone, anytime. I would have been honored to see one of my minis in such beautiful surrundings, instead of grumbling. Don´t let anyone spoil your joy, Sabiha!

  16. You are right to be angry, and you did
    right to destroy the box. There are plenty
    of printies on the web. The little roombox
    for your daughter is so lovely. We all get
    ideas and inspiration from each other - that
    is what I think blogging is about, so never
    mind stupid remarks from not so nice people!

    Eva J

  17. The best thing to do dear Sabiha, is forgetting all about her.
    You did nothing wrong!!!
    Synnøve x

  18. Well done, Sabiha!
    I still wonder why she send the printie in the first place...
    We do all share pics and ideas all the time and I hope we´ll keep doing that

  19. Like you I hate conflict, so the best is to keep out of that kind of argument. Anyway you know you did nothing wrong.
    I understand why you are so furious, and it's a shame that such a thing happened.
    It reminds me of something that happened to me. Many years ago there was a couple of French artisans who did beautiful stuff, they asked me to embroider seat covers for their armchairs. At one show I told someone that They did the armchair and I did the embroidery. They were furious and I heard a lot of bad words and accusations from them. they did not want people to know they hadn't done everything. I must add they had paid me for the embroidery. It was a real shock for me and all the more than I couldn't understand their reaction and attitude.Friends told me to forget it and don't pay any attention that they weren't worth it. Since I have worked with another artisan and things were the opposite, it was a partnership.

  20. So sorry, Sabiha. How mean-spirited of her. Call me crazy, but when someone sends an email with a printie for you to use - you have permission to use it. Right? Apparently wrong in this woman's case. I totally understand why you're angry. I think this will not help this person's reputation. I won't ever deal with her. You are an honest person. We all know that.

    I hope crushing the box helped a bit!


  21. Tjonge Edith,

    Wat is dit kinderachtig zeg!!!!!!!, het zou toch een heel stuk fatsoenlijker zijn geweest als je Sabiha een mailtje had gestuurd met het verzoek om bij haar stukje te vermelden dat ze dat printje twee jaar geleden van jou via de mail had doorgekregen, dit heeft ze echt niet verdient!!!!

    Heb je zelf het auteursrecht? wat is dan het registratienummer? of heb je het wellicht ook van internet gehaald?

    Bah wat flauw!!


  22. Wow thank you all people for your support in this unpleasent issue!

    I made my point and I hope she regrets her comment?

    Now, it is time to forget all about it,and go on with this wonderfull hobby of us and share it with all of you!!!!


  23. Sabiha, nicht ärgern ..... eigentlich sollte man erfreut sein, wenn irgendwelche Minis so eine Freude bereitet haben und so nett auf einem Blog gezeigt werden. Ich würde mich darüber freuen!

    Ich habe auch schon viele Sachen geschenkt bekommen und benutzte diese dann auch gerne für die Einrichtung von Stuben, Läden und Häusern. Dafür bekommt man sie doch auch geschenkt ... oder?

    Liebe Grüße Puno / Monika

  24. It is scary sometimes blogging because you put yourslf out there. I make brash comments on my blog then worry if I've offended anyone.

    So far everyone has seemed so easy going. Sorry you ran into this problem. CM

  25. Sorry to see this folishness Sabiha, I'd be upset as well and cannot fault your reaction.

    Beautiful work as always :)

  26. Hello Sabiha, I have just discovered your blog and was sorry to read about this.
    I often use printies in my mini making and would be shocked to have such a reaction !
    Onwards and upwards as we say , Your blog is lovely and I will enjoy following it and seeing more of your mini interiors !
    julie xxx

  27. It is distressing, sometimes Miniature goes hand in hand with small minds.
    Thank goodness -> only sometimes.

    It isn't worse to scatter energy.

    You are such a lovely woman, Sabiha -> some other people don't ever reach this level


  28. Sorry, of course I mean : WORTH to scatter energie
    My english is WORSE :-)

  29. sabitah, dont waste your time, it's a nonsense conflict and you did nothing wrong.